Friday, January 12, 2007

Updating myself

I was talking to an Iranian who has just come to Canada, and I asked him how Iranian people still feel about any possible US invasion or overthrowing the mullahs by any possible means, and he said that most people are still for these two options because things have got worse since 2-3 yrs ago and people are sick of the regime. Inflation is worse, human rights abuses have got worse, basic freedoms are being restricted more than ever and people are fed up with this new mental person aka Ahmadinejad.

I think I am a bit updated on how things are in Iran now...


Rita Loca said...

Guess who arrives here in Venezuela tomorrow! Thats right.Ahmadinejad. I like to emphasize the MAD as in AhMADinejad. I am concerned by htie evil aaliance going on here. Scary!

Bardia said...

با درود
امروزه در خیابان ها بیشتر شاهد پرخاشگری مردم نسبت به یکدیگر هستیم و تنها دلیل آن نبود کنترل و آسایش نسبی است که بزرگترین دست آورد این حکومت اسلامی بوده است. مردم بیش از پیش از هم فاصله گرفته اند آنچه را که باید بدانید در عکس چاپ شده در سایت آذرمهر میتوانید بیابید. این تصویر گویایی از واکنش مردم در برابر بی عدالتیست
مقاله ای در دست دارم که بیشتر به این ویروس نهفته در دل مردم می پردازد ولی هنوز بدنبال فراهم نمودن عکسهایی مناسب و گویا هستم
با سپاس

Anonymous said...

to "jungle mom": i am sooo sorry about your country and your people..god bloss you all in venezuela!

Anonymous said...

I mean, the only Effective option would be the invasion.(no bombing cities),you all, know what i mean.

I know the mentality of ,uns,iranian:
-3 mio. Drug addicts
-more than 40 mio. "poor" people
-ca 1 million "rent"girls and women.
-human rights
-Execution of children.
-Generosity towards Arab(hamas,hizbollah,sadr ...)
..ect. ect....and now what happened? nothing! just e few studends open their mouth and say what they think!
where are the "millions" of people who 1979 went on the streets?.what kind of "problems" do we had?had we the same problems or more or was more terrible than current problems?can compare this with each other?
sometimes you have to pay for that what you did! and i think we all,pay it since 28 years.

Louise said...

It is something to be concerned about, but on the other hand, it's almost laughable. Two blustering, boastful thugs plotting to overthrow the world, while ignoring the needs of the people in their own back yard.

Geraint said...

Those two madmen should have been arrested for hate crimes when they gave their tirades at the UN in New York late last year.

Thanks for the blog.

Every encouragement to you.

GR in Calgary

Anonymous said...

you should get involve in this debate

and read the last comment regarding how great Mullahs are!!