Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ahmad Batebi

The most famous Iranian student Ahmad Batebi who is spending a long jail time for his anti-regime activities during 1999 students uprising, had a stroke in the oppressive regime's prison and has gone into coma.

اخبار روز: این فشارهای روحی که به بیماریهای جسمی قبلی (احمد باطبی) اضافه شده منجر به مشکلات عدیده روحی و جسمی در وی شده است و درنهایت جمعه شب ۲۷ بهمن ماه دچار حمله مغزی شد و به مدت ٣ ساعت در کما فرو رفت. وی سپس به بهداری منتقل شد و در آنجا بستری گردید


Anonymous said...

I know this is completely inapropriate considering the circumstances, but I looked the guy up, and damn is he good looking.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this.

To Anonymous: He used to be good looking. The years of torture in prison have taken their toll on him, as you might expect

Anonymous said...

yeah, I also suspect his mistreatment may have been cause for the stroke.

Sherry said...

Where is the UN Human Rights Watchdog???? Twiddling their thumbs??