Tuesday, February 6, 2007


BBC News Hardtalk program interviewed the Islamic critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali and I advise you to watch it as well. She is such a courageous woman and I admire her brave stance against Islam.*

She says things that blow your minds away. It takes lots of guts to be like that and few people can be like her. I do admire her brave spirit and believe she is a real model for those who struggle against forces of darkness and evil.

Watch Here


nomdeblog said...

Thanks Winston

Winston said...

Thanks for what? LOL

Anonymous said...

I caught the video on the BBC Expressvu satellite channel last night and was appalled at the BBC News Hardtalk Interviewer. If he didn't have blonde hair I would have thought he was a radical Islamist from his derrogatory comments and the tenor of the interview.

The interview was more like an attempt at character assassination by the BBC ... disgusting behavior ... partly because she had to move to the Great-Satan-US after death treats in Holland.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali did a very good job of responding even though several times the interviwer actually cut her off when he didn't the the answer he wanted.

... this is objective journalism???

Anonymous said...

she ist one of the best

Anonymous said...

Agree with Willy.
Very antagonistic interview.

Anonymous said...

Great Woman, great video. Thanks Winston.

Anonymous said...

BBC is really despicable.
"... want to know about your conscience..."
What is this, the inquisition?!

How come they never ask such questions of the islamic animals they hold so dear?