Saturday, February 17, 2007

Insurgency, Iranian Style

Reports indicate that second bomb blasted near the site of previous explosion in SE of Iran. Moreover anti-regime insurgents fought with the security forces in south-eastern Iranian city of Zahedan right after this blast.

The anti-regime sunni group, Jundallah, announced in a statement that they are resorting to violence because their previous efforts to achieve their political goals were met with fierce and brutal actions of the Islamic regime of Iran and that's why they have been fighting the regime thru violent methods. Persian language web sites also report that today explosion was result of firing an RPG at a police station.

However this is solely my theory about the recent explosions in SE of Iran. And I think the first explosion was done by the Sunni group called Jundallah but the second shooting and bombing was done by the regime in order to scare people. The Sunni Jundallah insurgency group hasn't taken responsibility for it and I assume it could be done by Iranian regime to send a message to the people about any possible security vacuum that may follow if they are seriously threatened. The Iranian regime does every thing possible to stay in power and this can be their one of tactics. This is important because ethnic groups as well as other people have no rights under the Islamic regime of Iran. Any possible uprising of ethnic minorities in Iran, in massive numbers, can definitely help put an end to the rule of the clerics in Iran once and forever. Therefore regime is trying to discredit these people and scare people to gain popular support. Moreover they are releasing photos of so-called American munition in hands of Iranian insurgents and I believe this is a counter-attack against the American accusing the mullahs for the mess in Iraq.

I'll keep an an eye on the activities of the evil ruling clerics of Iran and will keep you posted.


Bardia said...

Dear Winston,
as I told we can expect only from poor people in south who try to wipe off this regime.
The sun is shining in near future...

ورجاوند said...

Dear Winston
Sunnis minority in IRR has no language except violence. They live all around the borders such as: Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and Balouches. From the beginning of Islamic revolution in 1979 till now more than half a million of them were killed and more than two millions fled the country and live as a refugee in the neighboring countries. Most of their mosques were bombed and destroyed, changed or neglected.
Their main leaders were detained or killed by Rev. Guards or Committees. Young, old, women even children are executed because of tradition believe they have. Hanging, terrorizing or torturing them is a part of IRR’s policy against Sunnis. No wonder if they took the gun in their hand and defend themselves, traditions’ and cultures. Violation and Bullets from the barrel of the guns, is the only sign which mullahs understand. This is not the end.

Louise said...

The regime seems to be spinning around putting out fires all over the place. The free world is helping, too, with sanctions and, I'm sure, other clandestine operations. I agree with bardia. Soon the flames will swollow the Mullahs and Iran will have its freedom. I hope it's not too long. And I hope they hang Iamamadjerk!

Anonymous said...

i have read that jundullah is affiliated with alQaida.
not sure which side to take here.

Sherry said...

Winston, won't be long now. I just hope that the regime will be gone within the year.

Anonymous said...

you guys are getting blinded by your anti-IRR vision so much that are mixing up a couple of important facts. these guys in Sistan va Balouchestan that were involved in this bombing are GHACHAGHCHIS (drug smugglers) and common gangs and thugs, involved in drug trafficking from Pakistan and Afghanistan. they`ve always been in trouble even during the Shah. during the previous and current regime, they`ve routinely been the focus of domestic and international anti-drug smuggling campaign. can`t you remember in Iranian TV showing piles of Hashish, Taryak, Heroin and other drug and weapons busted by the tons and set on fire publicly? i appreciate that you all hate the IRR, but this is something different and not related to Sunni/Shei or democracy or anything political. they are just a bunch of terrorist and thugs like the Mojahedin and Al-quida. please don`t praise the acts of terrorism and gangsterism against innocent people to push you anti-IRR (which i share with you) rhetoric.

Aryamehr said...

Winston i've read that this balouch freedom-fighting group has changed name:

Death to the Islamic Republic!