Friday, March 9, 2007


300 the movie will not be on the list of crappy movies I want to waste my money on and I encourage others not to spend their hard-earned money on that too. 300

The truth is that Spartan society left nothing behind but stories of its vicious battles. No art, no knowledge, no invention, nothing to enlighten the future men came from Sparta- only the clash of arms and violence. Sparta was overwhelmed in the end by an outside world Spartans couldn't even begin to understand because of their culture's innate xenophobia and hatred.

That so-called Spartan courage had no impact on the Persian army. The Persians took losses, but kept right on down the Greek coast to Athens and burned it in one piece. What stopped the Persians was the subterfuge of Themistocles and the Athenian navy at the naval battle of Salamis which was quite a small loss for Persia.

As for "the whole of Spartan society," what else is there to say? Sparta was a totalitarian and aristocrat community well over 20 centuries before the term was even invented, suppressing a vast helotry. (It also systematized homosexuality to a degree unknown in any other society) And, again, it created nothing to enlighten men who would come after- which is exactly what is meant by culture, no?


Frieda said...

I don't understand the strong reaction by Iranian community. It's just hollywood and it's a typical graphic movie..Iranians react as if this is based on a true story. Frank Miller wrote this graphic book in 1999. Where was the outcry then?

Come on guys...lets get real. Mullahs have done more damage to Persian culture and identity than any movie can do.

So, lets relax and not make a big noise, the more Iranians complain the more free publicity it will get.

I will not see it because I never give a dime to Hollywood, so this is another movie that I will miss.

Anonymous said...

hollywood has a big influence on people! "they" should consider before they produce something like this!i bet, 28 years ago they would`t produce this film.

Louise said...

Howie, agreed. Any movie that uses special effects to excess is basically admitting it has nothing else to offer.

Anonymous said...

eh... get real... no westerner actually associates the great and vast Persian Empire of the past with Iran. The current leaders of Iran portray the exact opposite of what made Cyrus a great leader and the Persian empire vast.

Anonymous said...

people need to get a life. what about all the blunt "death to America" writings on the streets of Tehran? flag burning? "Great Satin" garbage name calling. believe me Americans are much nicer than us Iranians.

Winston said...

No one disputes that Americans are nice but we are objecting to gaining profit thru mocking a nation.

Anonymous said...

Saying that the Spartans left nothing behind is ignorance on your part.

I am disappointed to read that a person such as yourself who works toward teaching people about Iran is willing to remain ignorant about the histories of other peoples.

However, neither you nor anyone else was put in this world to live up to my expectations.