Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a myth

The Myth of Moderate Mullahs:

    [U]nless the Bush administration underscores its willingness to use force against the mullahs (the exact opposite of the approach many senior officials in the Pentagon and State Department have so far used). If we do this, the clerical regime will certainly respect us more. And unless they respect us--unless they fear us--diplomacy will have no chance. This is Middle Eastern Politics 101.

Brilliant article but what surprises me is how slow American officials are in learning Middle-eastern politics 101 though. They should have known by now that Iranian regime understands the language of force only.


Rita Loca said...

I was wondering how long you have been in Canada? If you feel free to say.

Anonymous said...

Iranians deserve the government they have. nothing more. remember all those "death to Shah", "death to America", chanting idiots who wanted "Imam Khomeini" back and Islam to rule. well this is what we got, we wanted it. nobody is to blame but ourselves. and believe me Islamic Republic is here to stay for a very long time! (unfortunately).

as the Iranian saying goes, " KHLALYEGH HARCHE LAYEGH" and "AZ MAST KE BAR MAST". enjoy your revolution idiots.

Rosemary Welch said...

I understood this BEFORE 9/11/2001. I do not know what happened. I want my cowboy back. :(

Dear Ali,
Many of the people who live in Iran today were not even born yet, so how are they to blame? They had no voice, and they still do not. I will to speak out and pray for their freedom. Have a nice day.