Wednesday, March 21, 2007

RP & Norooz

Crown Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi has a message for the Iranian people on the occasion of Norooz:

    We, as a nation, are endowed with an ancient heritage that has gifted mankind a great plenty: great statesmen, prominent leaders and pioneers in multitude of fields. The destiny of our nation should not be determined at the hands of an incompetent, corrupt and inept few. Iran and Iranians deserve better! ((excerpted))

And here is a short part of His Highness's Norooz message in persian language:

ایـران شایستـۀ حکومتی است از نـوع دیگر، حکومتـی سازنـده، حکومتی دنیا پسند بـا قواره های امـروزین. حکومتی قـادر به درک مسائـل و مقتضیـات زمان. حکومتی آینده نگـر و نه واپسگرا. اسـم حکومت مهم نیست. مهم، فطرت و خصلت و دید و تفکـر و نوع برخـورد حکومت با مسائل است


Bardia said...

Paayande va pirooz baad shaahzade bozorgvaar

Anonymous said...

he and his late father and grand father were too good for Iranians. the Iranian public were too ignorant and "AHMAGH" to appreciate what they had done for the country and instead wanted to indulge in Islam and Imam Khomeini and the path of self-destruction and radicalism.

Mr. Pahlavi, we don`t deserve you and what you stand for. Iranian public is obsessed with tales of Imam Husein and glory of "Shaheedism".

what we`ve got is exactly what we deserve, because we actively asked for it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali - you have a lousy attitude. Get over the self pity and "we deserve it" crap and start realizing that you can be part of making things better, because Iranians deserve better!

Anonymous said...

Noroozetan Por az Mehr va Nikbakhtee bada.

Happy Norooz
May we all celebrate Next Norooz at our Homeland Iran.

Long Live Iran

Anonymous said...

Happy Norooz Winston. I think I shall celebrate by having some home made saffron ice cream :o)

Sherry said...

Ali, don't forget the betrayal by France as well. They backed the Ayatollah Khomeini back in 1979.