Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tensions Mount

Tensions mounting in Iran and regime is getting way more nervous as teachers continue their protests across the nation. Regime has increased the suppression of its own people in the past few days and I am hearing from my friends in Tehran that Basij militants have set up check-points across the city of Tehran and detain suspicious young people. I also heard from an eye-witness that Basij forces check people's cell-phones on spot and if they find any thing un-Islamic, then phones would be confiscated.

In the meantime, Iranian women activists who were detained couple of day ago stage hunger strike inside the prison and demanded an unconditional release. And regime's security forces stopped womens from protesting on Women's Day and scattered them by force. 1 , 2

UK based Iranian blogger, Azarmehr reports of clashes at one of Tehran university campuses between students and militias.

I'll keep you posted about what's going on inside of Iran...

Updated 1: Lots of pictures from teachers demonstrations
Updated 2: Women Activists Freed as Teachers' Protests Intensify

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