Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crackdown begins

The regime has begun a massive crackdown on women through out the country and those who wear colorful stuff or show thier hair will be fined (US$ 50) or taken to Islamic courts for further punishments.

Today was the first day of this Islamic crackdown on Iranian women and there are some pictures of that: here and here

More pics & And more

Iran launches drive against 'skimpy' dressers
Here is the difference between Turkey and Iran
Anger at Iran dress restrictions



Anonymous said...

I am not a violent person, but when I see those pictures, I wish I could drop a bomb on those sickening excuses for human beings who enforce this so-called dress code. I wish all women would walk out in the flimsiest, shortest, tightest manteau and nothing on their heads and make the morals' police pathetic little heads explode!
By the way, have you seen how many short-manteau-style tunics are sold in trendy stores in North America now? They started selling them last year after a very widely published Associated Press article about Iranian fashion rebels. I read that article, and this is how I actually got into manteaus. I have 5 already; most of mine are short-sleeved though, since they are made according to Western styles, but they look pretty much the same. I bought mine on purpose because they are a symbol of defiance and resisting oppression and because they highlight the body very well. I am not Persian myself, but I am going out with a Persian guy. BTW, he loves my coats, and he agrees with me wholeheartedly.
Thank you for your blog....People seriously need to understand how disgusting and oppressive this regime is....I was born in a dictatorship as well (in Eastern Europe) and came here when I was young...I am very happy to be living in a country where I can express my beliefs and act as I see fit without fearing for my life...that is why I really feel for Iran and I hope that democracy is established there SOONER than later....

Anonymous said...

finally the police decided they could still be useful for something!

Anonymous said...


This might actally wake the apathetic youth in Iran.

مامان غزل said...

Thanks a lot for letting me know.

paul a'barge said...

You know why Iran has to do this, right? It's because unlike the rest of the Arab/muslim world, the Persian women are generally the most beautiful women on the planet.

Boinking a beautiful Iranian woman should be on the top 10 list of goals for every red-blooded American male.

In contrast, Iranian men are moon-howlers. So, it makes sense that they would be terrified of their women.

Frieda said...

Winston, Ledeen has written about your coverage on the "corner"!

What a great compliment to Iranian women :-) You know next revolution will happen becuase of Iranian women. They are among the courages in the Muslim world.

Winston said...

Thnx, I noticed!

Louise said...

Winston, did you hear this interview with Michael Ledeen. It's just excellent.

Click on February 21, 2007. (#10)

Anonymous said...

Why don't they arrest all the Iranian women? those picture attest to the very nature of the Islamic Regime in Iran. If the International NGOs were well infromed by all of us, if there were a sense of Unity amongst us, would be watching the likes of those pictures??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that link Louise!

Anonymous said...

Was Rhudi Bakhtiar Iranian? She was damned gorgeous! Any society that would want to cover that up is just plain WRONG!

Neo Conservative said...

In for a rial, in for a...

"The last victims, for example, were a young couple engaged to be married who the killers claimed were walking together in public."


Anonymous said...

When are the Iranian people, especially the Persians, going to throw off the shackles of Arab Imperialism and restore it's pride.

Wimpy Canadian

TonyGuitar said...

There was a UK blogsite run by a very decent muslim professor / author. A blog called Mattawa.

It was idle last June and since then it has been taken over by rap types who sell those black bandannas rioters wear over their faces.

Mattawa was a place where you could read about the atrocities of the Saudi religious police.

One example: School girls were barred from leaving a school on fire because they had no face covering. They perished.

Do not search the site. it attempts to place cookies and who knows what else.

Just an example of where Iran mullahs want to go. = TG

Anonymous said...

Where are all the radical feminists when we need them? Why is there no major outcry from the left over this situation? Why is the left wing MSM so silent?

The US kills one person that refuses to stop at a roadside check or reaches under their left arm during a search, and there is coast to coast mass coverage. Muslim nutcases murder thousands of innocent people, torture and degrade millions of women and only a whimper...maybe.


Rosemary Welch said...

I hate them. What gives them the right? Why do these men think they are superior? Aha! That is the problem. They probably feel so inferior that they have to beat up the defenseless. Men, phewee! (Not you. :)