Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Students at faculty of arts of Tehran University have been showing thier anger at the university and city officials for destroying and re-distributing of what was known as university campus to militants. (It seems city authorities are giving these pieces of campus grounds to Islamic regime's Basiji militias). more pics


Anonymous said...

درود بر ایرانیان غیور و دلاور.
پایدار باشی، وینستون جان

Rita Loca said...

Looks like our universities here in Venezuela this week. Lets pray they can get their voices heard! Here and there!

Profsportster said...

You are so cool, Brother. I'm an American, Christian, throw-back 50 year old has been. I have no political clout and wander like Lot of old Sodom around my decayed land. You brought a smile to my face. There are not many of our kind, Dear Brother (I don't know if you Christian, Jew, or Muslim, but may I still call you Brother?)