Sunday, May 20, 2007


Have been too tired to write any thing useful in the past few days but let me tell you the conclusion of my short trip across the old continent.

My friends' political views there are mostly left of the center and many of them are liberal Europeans which means they don't watch American movies, don't eat meat and are vegetarians, they are extremely careful about climate change, do believe in gay marriage, abortion and oppose most of the US policies in the world (probably out of jealousy thou). But all of these guys are church-goers and believe in the serious threat that radical Islam poses to their way of life and they've no doubt about it. Most of these people acknowledge that without the assistance of the United States, they couldn't be where they are now. They don't hate America but it is just a matter of jealousy and rivalry. Europeans can't believe that their time to own half of the world is over and it is time for America to be the super-power of our world. It's hard for them to see that they are no longer included in decision making and action taking through out the world. Probably this is one of the few reasons why British don't really want to join the EU.

They are aware that the European people suffer from "identity crisis" and that the immigrant society in Europe is not willing to assimilate and learn the civilized way of life. However, due to their liberal views they can't do much about these as well and they keep electing governments that are not really willing to do the necessary tasks to save them from the killing diseases.

Unfortunately, EU is almost an identity-less series of countries that are giving up their unique and nice heritage for the sake of some advantages the EU may offer. The very monetary unit European countries are using has devastated their economy and made middle-class people poorer and the people's power to purchase their basic stuff is in a steep dive. Many are not happy with this EURO and believe it or not, some don't like Euro because it has taken their history away as well.

Like I have always said, European Union is in a sad state of affairs and only a miracle can save it.


Bardia said...

Exactly right.

Anonymous said...

It would appear the barbarian invasions are well in progress again. Not the Goths or Visigoths of the 5th century but rather a replay of the 8th century onslaught of the Moors.

The difference this time is that the Europeans are embracing it with their soical programmes rather than repelling with bows and arrows.

Another example of Multi-culturalism gone awry.