Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Get it done now

You see, the potential to overthrow the fascist Islamic clerics from inside of Iran is huge. No foreign military intervention is needed to topple this inhumane theocracy. All that is needed to achieve this goal is to encourage workers, students and teachers to do the job themselves and get the world and their people rid of this crazy regime. But how?

It may sound a bit like a far-fetched fantasy but it is do-able and I'd say it here: All that is needed to help unite these elements (workers, students, teachers) to oust the mad mullahs is to convince American government to spend the money it spends in Iraq in one day instead in Iran which can be equivalent to the salaries of thousands of those elements who are willing to break the back of mullahs by going on widespred strikes but don't do so out of fear for their families and the fact that their children, husbands or wives need food and supplies to survive the daily life.

Really, the only honest, possible and peaceful way to oust the Iranian regime is to get the richest gov't of the world, USA in this case, to provide money and other much needed supplies for those thousands of workers who are willing to help bring the Islamic regime of Iran down.

Think about it! Don't you get the gravity of situation on the ground in Iran? I bet you do!

Workers protested along with students and teachers this past Tuesday and it's showing that the need to move these people to the right direction is being felt more than ever. The United States government is the only possibility we've got to get rid of the regime in terms of having external support for our men and women who are suffering inside of Iran and many count on the US as a honest broker in this thing. We should not let this golden opportunity go this time!

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Roy Eappen said...

I hope you are right. The mullahs must go

Louise said...

I hope some powerful people in the Bush administration are listening.

Winston, what do you make of this news?

Former Iranian top national security official arrested

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post, Winston. I couldn't have put it any better. Well done.

Azarmehr said...

Thats really an interesting development Louise. Mossavian was said to have been involved in aiding the assassins in the Mykonos murders while he was in charge of the IR embassy in Germany.

Perhaps this should be lesson to other regime's lackeys, that sooner or later the masters even turn on thier most loyal lackeys.

Bardia said...

And this is a message for all people who like peacful world.

Anonymous said...

Great to see a pro-freedom iranian site. All the best to you. I read somewhere that Iranian leaders are already accusing the US of meddling in their internal affairs. I think our government should help, but not overtly thru Congress or our President. It would just give the mad mullahs amunition against a legitimate force of Iranians rising up, demanding a good life and freedom for their families.

This must be an Iranian led revolution. Happy, well fed people do not revolt. Hungry, angry people revolt. That is the sad truth. I do not hope for suffering of the Iranians. Truth is a great majority supported the Mullahs. Now it will be up to them to remove them.

Anonymous said...

If that sort of thing were happening, it would be counterproductive to make it public knowledge, right? Since as michael said the mullahs are already complaining about our meddling, what makes you think that sort of support is not already being supplied? Because the mullahs are still in power? Well, guess what, this type of operation takes a lot longer to accomplish its goals than does military intervention.