Monday, June 11, 2007

Lieberman gets it

Not that I personally want a military strike against the Iranian people, though I don't mind a direct strike against the ruling ayatollahs, but me think Sen. Lieberman is able to understand the stakes.

Joe Lieberman wants the US to go after the regime for its involvement in Iraq.
    "They can't believe that they have immunity for training and equipping people to come in and kill Americans," he said. "We cannot let them get away with it. If we do, they'll take that as a sign of weakness on our part and we will pay for it in Iraq and throughout the region and ultimately right here at home."
I applaud his courage and honesty! And I do think he's too good to be an independent. He's got to join the GOP camp.


Bardia said...

good information, thanks.

City boy said...

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Ba Doroud bar Winston,

It has to get to the point that the International Community acts a bit faster, and in a more effective manner. There are thousand of cases against the regime's involvement in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, and what have you.