Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Questioning

Look at this pathetic report by the infamous Associated Press: Myanmar Dissident Dies Under Questioning

Yes, it's questioning when it comes to a brutal government like Burma or Iran but it is definitely a case of torture when it comes to Americans treating TERRORISTS in either Gitmo or Iraq.

One more reason why I have no trust in mainstream media any more. Totally pathetic and biased! Don't you think?


Louise said...

Need you ask?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A while ago on lgf I think there was an article about a man who died of "fright" while in prison in saudi arabia.

And on the surface that seems completely reasonable. I think everyone has at some point in their childhood been told that if they're not gentle with, say, a pet, that it'll die of fright.

But when I had that mouse a while back (if you remember). Initially I thought that I best not handle it too much, or it may die of fright (and also, I didn want to catch any mousie desieses). But on the advice of my sister, she told me that with any animal (rodents in particular) after a set ammount of time their fear hormone simply runs out and they stop being afraid.

And that made me realize, any creature that can die of simply being afraid wouldent survive very long through natural selection. (not that I believe in that stuff).

So yeah, nothing the MSM says is to be taken at face value.

Frieda said...

Now isn't sad too Nobel Prize going to Al Gore and not to these brave souls in Burma for trying to have a
nonviolent revolution???

Well, now Al Gore have one thing in common with Arafat ...and that is the Nobel Prize

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Cindy sheehan nominated for a noble prize? Or did she just clam to be and wasnt actually?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the report disappeared down the memory hole. It's gone now.

Anonymous said...

The AP story is gone.

Winston said...

Apparently they have taken it down.