Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My blog format has been a bit weird these days and as you may notice while viewing it by Internet Explorer, the side bar goes down for some unknown reason. I have tried to fix this with no success. So I suggest that you use Firefox browser for viewing my weblog, until I resolve this weird problem with my template.


Update1: Just fixed this thing. The google ad thing down there was playing tricks. Btw, if you click on it, I can get some money. So click on ad googles as many times as you can! ;-)


خیابان شماره 11 said...

Hey dude,
I believe the reason for that is that you have a component (A picture or something) in your sidebar which exceeds the width of the sidebar, or you have such component in your main body area which pushes the sidebar down there.

Winston said...

I have tried it but there is nothing in my template that would cause this. I dont know what else it can be.

Azarmehr said...

looks ok now, no?