Monday, January 21, 2008

STD & Marxism

Marxism grows among clueless people that are living in either restricted and nontransparent societies including Iran, Cuba and N.Korea or on university campuses. Just like STD, it is mainly alive among the young people.

But for one thing it can be a bit different in Iran: The article appeared in Int'l Herald Tribune or NYT about the growth of Marxism in Iran makes me believe that the evil Mullahs have set these clueless Commies up to battle the influence of the westernized political activists and pro-US students. However, Soviet Union doesn't exist any more to back these idiots up in their quest to take over the country and the rest of the Commie-fested countries have now become the mullahs' best friends. It's a matter of time, age and maturity for these clueless crowd to find its way out, although it is troubling and makes the true opposition more responsible in trying to educate them about the benefits of free market, private enterprise and freedom of choice... etc. It'll definitely help if some body asked them to name one successful Communist country.

Is any Milton Friedman's book available in Iran?(Wikipedia on Friedman)


Anonymous said...

"Is any Milton Friedman's book available in Iran"

YES! I know "Democracy and Freedom" is translated to Persian many years ago.

It is true that leftist/socialists ideas are on the march among college students in Iran. However, it is hard to believe the regime (directly) has anything to do with it. They executed many political prisoners who were primarily Marxists activists during the 1980s.

One thing that is true is that because of heavy government intervention in economic activities, disregard for private ownership and property rights and corrupt politician involvement in the market, there has been little chance for people to see the benefits of a free market society. Many people regard free market as a system that favors select few (and their experience does confirm it, unfortunately).
This is a problem that existed in the previous regime and continuous to be in the current regime.

Sohrab said...


I've been meaning to start a translation project and, since Anonymous mentioned it, I think a great place to start would be Friedman's "Capitalism and Freedom." Or what about "A Conflict of Visions" by Thomas Sowell, another excellent critic of Marxism? Or how about "The Road to Serfdom" by F. A. Hayek? Are these texts available in Iran?

Maybe you and I should collaborate on some translations... ;)

Winston said...

Absolutely... I have tons of books that should really be translated into Persian.

Anonymous said...

"Or how about "The Road to Serfdom" by F. A. Hayek? Are these texts available in Iran? "

All these books have be translated and available in Iran . Here is an example

The problem isn't the supply of good books. The problem is that Iranians don't read! The rate of pages read per person is ridiculously low in Iran (even among students and high educated people).

Sohrab said...


I wonder why that is?

We Iranians often boast about our high levels of education. Iranian American kids for example (myself included) have always been pushed to rush towards advanced or professinoal degrees (medicine, law, and architecture being the favorites)--but mere expertise, being a "doktor-mohandes" doesn't necessarily foster genuine critical thinking.

In other words, you can be have tons of acronyms after your name (PhD, JD, MD, M.Arch.) as many Iranians do and still be ignorant.

Anonymous said...

It is a very good question. I don't know the answer.
But I think our education system is very inefficient. In general, in schools they don't teach you how to eat, they don't teach social skills, they don't teach the value of exercise and lead a healthy life, they don't teach research, teamwork, logical and critical thinking,.... Not even in top-notch private schools that charge tones money. Certain things (like reading) becomes habit by doing it.

I see in Europe, Canada and US people have something to read (a book, magazine, newspaper,...) handy when they ride bus, train, airplane,.... I had never seen such a thing in Iran (except maybe tabloids and sports in barbershops!). Well, they have to learn it by doing and this should happen in the family or school. It doesn't. Why? I don't know.

Azarmehr said...

Even RP himself is moving to the Left day by day!

Anonymous said...

Marxism is a great system - on paper. Since paper is all they have to go on, they think it is great. They're probably attracted to how fair it all sounds. The practice, however, is where it all falls apart. People are greedy for power and wealth and no theoretical system is going to change that. Capitalism is the fairest system of all. Those who educate themselves and work hard are rewarded and those who don't live at the bottom of society. Hopefully, our experiment in Iraq will provide an example if and when the mullahs fall.