Thursday, February 7, 2008

UK for Sharia law

Archbishop of Canterbury says that "Sharia law in UK is unavoidable" and I say that let them have it. Brits do want Sharia law and I think they should have it. Let them destroy their once proud country as they please. The British government has appeased and welcome the radical Islamists for far too long and they also nourished the Islamic revolution of Iran, the father of all radical Islamic movements, in 1979 and stabbed the late Shah of Iran in the back. So I'd say let them have and taste that first hand. Why not!?!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll learn when John Cleese ends up like Theo Van Gogh. Of course, by then, it will be too late. When the exodus from the British Isles comes, I hope they don't come to the US to spread their PC, post-Christian, appeasing nonsense. Let 'em take it to Canada.

Louise said...

For some reason the old wartime song "There'll always be an England" has been running through my mind a lot in the last several months. Nostalgia, perhaps. That, and "Rule Britannia".

And the movie, The Empire Strikes Back.


Azarmehr said...

I left Iran because of Sharia Law, now this Arch Idiot wants Sharia in UK. This time I will not just be a mere obsever while the Islamists take over.

Unknown said...

It's so fucking stupid that I just cannot find any words that covers my opinion about the archbishop!

Those freaks that cannot accept british laws, but only respect the sharia should be deportet to Saudi or Pakistan, so the rest of us, no matter where we are borned, can live together as normal and equal people - EOD!