Friday, March 28, 2008

Gutless Brits

What's happening in southern Iraq these days is the direct result of the terrible appeasement offered by the British government to the Iranian mullahs and their Islamic militants in Iraq's 2nd biggest city, Basrah, where British forced appeased and appeased and comforted the Iranian mullahs' forces there over the past few years and then withdrew like cowards leaving the spot to be filled with JAM forces. I am in no way disrespecting the brave UK military which is just following orders issued by bunch of "gutless politicians" far from the battlefields in London and who probably have no clue about what soldiering is all about. These politicians have no honor and dignity and therefore they deserve to be called for what they are: gutless and cowards.

Now American forces are fighting in two fronts: Baghdad and in the southern Iraqi city of Basrah where Iranian regime backed groups are waging an all out insurgency against the coalition forces. This is why appeasement has never worked and never will. The western governments must stop appeasing the Iranian regime and destroy their militant forces abroad.


saggezard said...

No, the British are not gutless the are conniving.

Sohrab said...

Saggezard you kind of sound like Dai-jan Napoleon there friend :)

saggezard said...

No Sohrab jan, I think I am more like Masht Ghassem. Dai-jan and Masht Ghassem were very fine fictional characters, the film is amongst my favourite. Honestly, from the begiining of the Iraq invasion I argued that the British ultimately wanted to take a piece out of America. Their wishy washy policy in Iraq has proven that way in my opinion. I mean look at Basra today.

Winston said...

Sag jan, I think British government is a piece of useless crap. Kudos to the American military for taking care of the mess Brits left behind there.

Sohrab said...

Masht Ghassem and Dai-jan are wonderful characters indeed!

Sag and Winston, I wish you both a great weekend!



David M said...

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