Friday, April 4, 2008

Confusing World

The Iranian people, mainly youths, live in a confusing parallel society in which the borderline between privacy and public life is not known. You must act as if you have 4-5 characters in any given situation depending on the time, people and environment you occupy. It's a confusing world. I don't wanna be blunt or rude to my fellow countrymen back home, but I often wonder how many of us inside and outside of the regime's prison, that is Iran, are suffering from some sort of mental illness. I mean, it takes a lot of energy to live like this. Many live double lives... One day they're quiet and obedient citizens of a theocracy and the other day they gotta be themselves. It definitely creates all sort of mental problems. I was there and I attest to this. And Believe it or not, it is real.

video h/t Aryamehr


خیابان شماره 11 said...

A friend of mine, a couple with their child actually, landed in Canada a few months ago and the very first question their child asked his mom while we were still in the airport was: "Mommy, why don't you wear that scarf in public anymore?"
I am so glad that I got the hell out and have the opportunity to live a healthy life rather than playing 5 roles simultanously.

Winston said...

Absolutely. I feel really bad for 65 million Iranians who are held hostage in that big fucked up jail that's Iran. Terrible!

Maya M said...

You are right. We had the same in Bulgaria before 1989.
There was reportedly a Communist censor who lost his "official" personality after a traumatic brain injury. Returning to work, he looked at his papers and said, "Who is this idiot imposing gag orders on good writers?" His colleagues had to answer, "This is you - before the accident".
Naturally, the man was soon retired. His story was included in "In Absentia Reports", a book which costed the life of its author (