Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Neanderthal

This Neanderthal, Prof. Mowlana, desecrating the US flag here is an American citizen of Iranian origin. He's been a columnist for the regime funded Keyhan newspaper in Tehran for more than 25 yrs now. What bugs me more is that he's a university professor at a prestigious school like American university in Washington D.C and no one seems to have checked his ties with the terrorist regime of Iran. (Maybe I'm asking too much since nobody checked Obama's ties to terrorists either. LoL) And moreover his main role recently has been to advise the Iranian regime and its puppet president on matters of foreign policy. Well, he can stay in Iran for as long as he likes but I wish somebody takes his privilege of being an American citizen away and kick him in his balls.


Anonymous said...

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Rafi Schutzer

Winston said...

sorry, i don't give a sh!t to Deepak Choprah and his dickhead people. fuck him!

Anonymous said...

You really have to wonder if ANYONE is bothering to watch these people like Mowlana.

HELLLOO??? Anyone in Washington give a rip?