Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Truth hurts

The Iranian regime's rhetoric is not empty. The Mullahs really mean it:
    “by casting an entire people as a parasitic infestation, by demonizing, de-legitimizing, and dehumanizing them at home, in school, in the mosque, and in the media [the Iranian regime] has prepared in the minds of Iranians and their neighboring coreligionists the moral ground for the eradication of the state of Israel.”
This, if true, hurts so bad. I don't want to believe that majority of the people inside of Iran have bought into this toxic anti-western rhetoric but 29 yrs after the Islamic revolt of 1979, I am not so sure how many could have resisted this evil propaganda machine.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is true. Many Iranians from Iran I know usually point the finger at Israel, and accuse them of atrocities against Palestinians. Propaganda is everywhere in Iran especially against the West.

Winston said...

well, thats what I was worried about too. Unfortunately, you're right and that's sad

Anonymous said...

That Iran's youth may want more freedoms including the freedom to listen to Western music, does not mean Iranian youth want to overthrow their government and replace it with a secular Western style pro-Western government.

This report and others over the years, challenges oft repeated declarations by Western leaders that the majority of Iranians are against their fundamentalist Shi'ite Iranian Supreme Council leaders.

These various reports taken together are strong evidence that the majority of Iran's 65 million people and that includes the Iranian youth, support their mullocracy in its hatred of Jews, Israel, America and the West and its support and participation, direct and indirect in terrorism against Jews, Israelis, Americans and the West.

The West cannot afford silly pie in the sky notions such as that the majority of Iranians, especially Iranian youth, are against their own government and Western and Jew hating culture and that given half a chance, they would rise up, throw out the mullocracy and install a pro-Western government of peace, tolerance and good will.

The reality is that Iranians doubtless do have concerns and complaints about their own government just like all governed people do.

The majority of Iranians however support their mullocracy in its hatred of America, Israel, Jews and the West.

Bill Narvey

Winston said...

Bill Narvey, I only allowed your comment here so people can see what an asshole you're. There's no way I would censor stupid people's comments like you here. LoL... get a life and read more and stop watching MSNBC