Monday, June 22, 2009

Path to freedom

Confirmed news from inside of Iran indicate that there will be widespread and nationwide strikes taking place in the country.

My own assessment is that the anti-regime activities may quiet down for a little while and it will shift to civil disobedience and non-violence mode. The anti-mullahocracy forces will not disappear but they're probably back to their drawing board planning for the path to freedom. Millions of people who came out to the streets of Iran's major cities in the past 8 days were not there to contest a sham election. They came out to reject the entire establishment and they paid a heavy price for their desire.

The Iranian regime dug its grave this past Friday and Saturday and they can't change their fate. They're doomed and the people of Iran will be free soon. Let's give the people of Iran the support and gratitude they deserve.

Updated: Iranian plead for the US intervention on CNN morning show.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray for the safety and freedom for people of Iran. Thank you for your terrific blog, you've done a great job of keeping all concerned people aware.

Anonymous said...

The cause must not falter, it is just that we must continue this struggle in the name of Allah.

FearlessDream said...

Today, a girl calling from Iran on CNN said that the demonstrators don't really have a clear leader as of yet. Do you think that in the coming days, a clear leader will emerge, or is Mousavi still somewhat serving this role?

I sure hope the Iranians keep their strength up and throw these regime thugs in their self-dug graves.

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." ~George Washington

FearlessDream said...

Reza Pahlavi speaks at Nat'l Press Club today (C-SPAN)

Louise said...

Where is the regular army? Does the regime not trust them to do its bidding? Could they be the pivot upon which the revolution turns? Anybody have any thoughts?

Winston said...

Louise, national army is not trusted at all.

Louise said...

Not trusted by the people or by the regime?

jwkozak91 said...

Greetings Winston, from a Canadian of Ukrainian descent.

I well remember (from documentaries) what happened in Romania in December, 1989. What is happening today in Tehran, in my view, is almost identical. However, the army MUST switch sides. And the people MUST take over state TV.

I wish that December 25, 1989, (the day the Romanian army executed their dictator) comes soon to Iran in 2009.

Matt said...

By the Iranian Gov. probably. Apparently the Iranian Dictators from what I've heard are a bit weary of the Revolutionary Guard as well.

yma o hyd said...

Winston - I read that Rafsanjani is in control of the Army - and he has been very prominet by his absence!
Is it possible that Rafsanjani is waiting for events of the next few days to play out before he throws his weight about?

The other thing is - I recall that when the bazaars closed, and when the merchants and traders turned against the Shah - he was finished.
I pray we will see this now, with strikes on the agenda.

Winston said...

the late Shah's reign was finished when the regular army switched sides. I am not sure about Rafsanjani's contacts with the armed forces. But trading Khamenei with him will be another grave mistake.

Josephine said...

"the people of Iran will be free soon"

I hope with all my heart that you are right, Winston.