Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Continues

Pics from Guardian paper from yesterday's protests. Non-violent resistance is the best tactic against the mullahs. It has worked every where and it will definitely work in Iran.

I've been unable to get in touch with any one in Iran due to disruptions in cell phone networks and internet but I am still following the news and as soon as I have new stuff, I'll post them here.

Updated at 4pm ET: Got this thing in an email from Iran.... "Ask those who say Iranians don't need external support why the regime has shut off the means of Iranian people's communications such as internet, cellphones & twitter?"

My own question to those idiots who think the United States and other free world nations/governments should stay out the Iranian unrests is: Show me a revolution that succeeded without external support. No revolution, no change in any country through out history has been successful without the solid support from other free nations. The revolution of 1979 in Iran succeeded because the world stopped supporting the late Shah of Iran and started backing and negotiating with the revolutionary forces. Those who want the US government out of this thing are for the status quo. They're siding with the criminal regime of Iran.

Updated @ 5:15pm ET: Two Iranian political activists say that the people of Iran won't forgive Obama for siding with the regime.

I have had my doubts about the ongoing unrest in Iran. One side of me says this is just a fight between the two factions of the regime: Moderates Vs Hardliners! And one side of me thinks this is going to change the things for good. We'll see soon where this is headed....

Iran's Supreme Leader could soon experience his own day of mourning say Con Coughlin of Daily Telegraph paper

Audio of my interview with Hugh Hewitt today, discussing the Iranian riots


azadi eshgheman said...

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please spread the word to everybody you know. We need to gather all the available information.
thank you for helping

Anonymous said...

If other outside countries gets involved, the Iranian government will divert attention off themselves and blame the international community. They will drum up support this way too with propaganda supposedly proving western influences are behind the uprising.

The most effective way to win this battle will be through peaceful protests and mourning rallies, just like they did in 1979. It is tough for me to watch this unfold as I really feel for those in Iran. I'm inspired by their show of bravery and courage. But I'm also convinced outside intervention will make it worse.

Iranians have the power of the people. A government cannot operate without it's people. The power for change is there, and it can be accomplished through non-violence.

I am hoping for a peaceful solution.

saggezard said...

Thanks Eshgheman. According to there are right now major clashes going on in Isfahan, Tabriz between people and armed plain clothes agents of the monstrous regime.

Winston said...

sag, thnx. I am following her on

FearlessDream said...

About the 4pm ET Update: I had the same exact question myself and I'm glad your friend asked it.


If I remember my history correctly, the Islamic Revolution was not without violence. I think we're all hoping for a peaceful solution here, but considering how violent and heartless the Islamic regime is, well...

Winston said...

The Islamic revolution of 1979 succeeded because of external support.

FearlessDream said...
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Louise said...

"If other outside countries gets involved, the Iranian government will divert attention off themselves and blame the international community. They will drum up support this way too with propaganda supposedly proving western influences are behind the uprising."
I don't buy that argument for a second. The hundreds of thousands of protesters on the streets are telling us they won't buy any more BS from their government. The whole world knows that this revolt started spontaneously of its own volition in reaction to behavior not just of the stolen election but to 30 years of oppression. I think a loud, clear statement from as many Western leaders as possible will embolden the people on the street and make the mad Mullahs even more isolated. You can clearly see that they are desperate for some sort of strategy that will roll back what has happened over the last week. Why do you think they have attempted to cut off communication links with citizens in the West? It's because they know they can no longer control the message. Little wonder that a oligarchy of ancient old farts whose mindset is stuck in a previous millenium are scared shitless by the technology.

I think there are only reason more leaders haven't spoken up is because they want to wait and see which way the wind is blowing and, perhaps, because they feel if they do speak up the repression will become even worse. The second one I have some sympathy for, but the first one is crap.

Nick said...

Hey Winston! Here's your interview with Hugh from today:

Matt said...

We must remember, if this is a revolution, it won't happen over night, the Iranian revolution took almost 3 years to pull off. This is just the beginning, the people must stay strong!

Winston said...

Thanks @Nick.

@Matt, the 1979 revolution took only a few month. Began seriously in September 78 and ended in Feb 79.

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative, but still not sure who is right, the Obama/andrewsullivan crowd, or the Krauthammer crowd and this blog. How would those of you who feel Obama should support the protestors respond to this comment by

12.53 pm. The state media are putting words into Obama's mouth:

This morning a friend of NIAC who gets Iranian Satellite TV here said that state-run media showed President Obama speaking about Iran this morning. However, instead of translating what he actually said, the translator reportedly quoted Obama as saying he “supports the protesters against the government and they should keep protesting." Assuming this report is correct, it shows the Iranian government is eager to portray Obama as a partisan supporting the demonstrators.

So the Khamenei regime wants the same posture from the Obama as Krauthammer and Wolfowitz. They just don't know what they're talking about, do they?

thank you, yaron

Anonymous said...

clarification: the paragraph "so the Kahmenei regime..." was from, not me!!