Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tick Tock, MoFus

I like this post on Andrew Sullivan's blog:
    "These citizens are done with their leadership. The trust has completely and irretrievably dissipated, and the fear, although present, is not sufficient, especially as it becomes more clear the army will remain on the sidelines."
And Michael Rubin says that the end will come only over Khamenei's dead body.

Updated at 5pm ET: CBC News anchor said 30 reported dead in unrests in Iran today.

Update @5 pm: CTV interviewed Canadian journalist George McLeod a few mins ago. George McLeod said he's been to many countries like Myanmar, China, Thailand, .... etc and he's never seen anything like what he saw in Iran. Me thinks the Iranian issue will not be going away any time soon.

Updated: I am also hearing about tanks appearing in the streets of Tehran.

Updated at 6:20 pm ET: CBC news reported 30 died in Tehran. CNN reports that maybe 150 have died today. But so far, confirmed reports indicate that around 20 have died in Tehran's clashes.

Updated at 6:55 pm; I am taking a break now. Can't stand this savagery any more. Can't forget the looks of that poor girl who died in front of her father. My head is exploding...

Updated: Street paper for the Iranian revolutionaries.


Maggie said...

Winston, I agree, because it is obvious the people want Khamenei dead.

Death to the dictator.

this is my contribution to the cause.

Winston said...

Thanks Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Fwiw I ran a "Think of Iran" page on Etsy today and dedicated sales of my stuff to any organisation in Iran that will help.

The picture on Twitter of that young dead girl, shot dead, will live in my head forever.

I hope Khomenei suffers the kind of special pain reserved for evil people in hell.


Winston said...

Alison, your blogging and support is enough. You don't need to send your money to any one. We appreciate your support very much

azadi eshgheman said...

Winston jan, please look here... people twitting about police "marking" houses to be raided in the night.. look at this photo: there is a red cross painted on the wall... what ELSE could it be???

Anonymous said...

I donot think like this normally but I would like to see Khamenei and Ahmedinejad died horrible deaths. They would surely rot in hell forever.

Anonymous said...

Time to go on strike. Bring this regime down by making a mess of the fragile economy. I'll be more than happy to pay more at the pump
for the fall of this bunch of thugs.

Go Iran!!

Winston said...

Anon, it is a matter of time. It'll happen... thanks for your support

Anonymous said...

Winston - my prayers and thoughts are with the people of Iran and you. All the people in the world are watching as are bloggers in Cuba; I hope one day the people in Cuba will also rise up and demand their freedom.

Kafir said...

I hope Iran gets its freedom and I hope they never forget Obama's silence. The whole world wanted this guy elected. I hope they can now see him for what he is.