Saturday, August 1, 2009

Exclusion Zone

This past July 25th was the so-called 'Global Day of Action' across the world that meant to united us against the deadly Iranian regime. The group behind the worldwide protests was United For Iran.

Apparently, so many people who came to rallies with Sun and Lion flags were barred from participating in the rallies or insulted in public by the speakers and organizers of the rallies. It happened in Toronto, Washington DC, New York City, Boulder and Portland. Here are the links to either eye witness reports or videos. The flag itself belongs to no special group. It's a historical symbol that transcends politics, various ethnic groups and history. The only entity that hates that flag is the current regime of Iran. Even terrorist groups like MEK/NCRI use the Sun & Lion flag. So opposing the flag is basically opposing anything Iranian since the flag itself is really a uniting factor in my opinion. Here are people's accounts of what happened in their local rallies:

Chester has written an account of what happened in Boulder, Colorado small rally.

This is what happened to our friend in Portland, Oregon.

Urband Infidel has written about the rally in NYC and taken excellent pictures from New York City rally.

Sheema Kalbasi has written an open letter to Washington DC rally organizers.

Video from Washington DC rally. Here's another video from Wash DC where the Iranian regime sympathizer Babak Talebi calling police to deal with flag carriers. And there's another video of this shameless Babak Talebi of Iranian regime funded group NIAC who apparently compared the pro-democracy activists with Nazis. Babak Talebi is one of the main founders of the regime funded lobby group called NIAC. We've to confront these people and expose them.

I've also written several emails to United For Iran rally organizers asking for a public apology and rebuke of the tactics used against us.

This might appear as old news but things must be told and public should know who is who in this fight against the regime. I was hesitant to mention this because at first it appeared to be an isolated incident but now that more people have come forward with their stories, I thought it is best to let the world know who does what. I strongly believe United for Iran and shameful organizations like NIAC work for the criminal regime of Iran. If you've been harassed by the regime agents in these rallies, email me or leave a comment. I'll publish your stories too!


Chester said...

The rally in Boulder was small, maybe 50 people at it's height. It's a college town and most students are gone for the summer. It has a small Iranian community, and most people at the rally were Iranians who seemed to know others there. It was a friendly, family atmosphere except for the encounter I had with the woman who didn't want me holding my flag.

That did tick me off, and I had to bite my tongue a bit, but my time there ended on a pleasant note after meeting a few others who also carried shiro khorshid flag & expressed their appreciation for my being there with it.

Sohrab said...

We didn't have any problems like this in Boston. No one confronted those of us holding the lion and sun flag.

It's troubling to hear about incidents like this elsewhere though. I personally consider the lion and sun flag to be 100% more legitimate than the IRI flag. It is indeed a sacred image that transcends politics, as you said.

Did you hear back from the organizers?