Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sworn Enemies

If I had any doubt about pro-Mullah nature of the Obama regime, those doubts are now turned into certainty and solid belief. Today NPR reports that the White House has called Ahmadinejad the 'elected leader' of Iran. At a time when world leaders like British PM Brown and German Chancellor Merkel have refused to recognize the Iranian government, this dangerous move is highly insulting and offensive, especially to thousands of Iranians who were killed or are now in jail. How can the US govt justify this? I guess Obama's pro-tyranny character has played a role here again. I wonder what Mullahs have offered Hussein O? Did they send in their own version of Tony Rezko to buy a house for him? I mean, what is it that makes dealing with the murdering mullahs of Iran so attractive for this idiot US president? Do I sound angry? Hell yeah! I am freaking outraged.

This just reinforces my hatred for the Democrats in the US and will add to the general mistrust the Iranian people have had for these anti-freedom idiots who call themselves Democrats. After all another DemoNRat helped the mullahs come to power in 1979. How could you be voting for these a**holes when they clearly side with tyrants and murderers? And I really wonder how any Iranian-American citizen could call him/herself a decent person and still vote for these anti-Iranian politicians?

I'd say we have two sworn enemies: 1- Khamenei and his regime, 2- Obama and his regime

با شما ایرانی های مقیم امریکا هستم که خودتون رو عضو حزب دموکرات امریکا میدونید. چطوری به این عده احمق که همدست اخوندهای ایران بوده و هستند رای میدهید؟

Update: Robert Gibbs, the dumb Obama spokesman, backtacked on his remarks but the damage is done. The lying mullahs will use the previous statements to show they've powerful allies in the world including the White House.


Unknown said...

Bravo to you!!! This is why I didnot vote for Obama. He was never a friend of the Iranian people for wanting to negotiate with the Iranian regime and NOW Iranian people can clearly see that (after they voted for him!)

Winston said...

I don't know how any decent human being could vote for this Marxist know-nothing idiot

Azarmehr said...

US - Iranian democrats, its your move now

ReaganFan said...

How much further can Obama sink? This is despicable. He refuses to offer the Iranian people even the smallest gesture of support that any decent political leader should be offering right now. How dare he recognize a regime that is so blatantly brutalizing its people and is completely illegitimate in the first place.

FearlessDream said...

I just can't understand why the rest of the world just loves Obama, like he's some saint, while his approval rating is falling here in the States. It's just a matter of time before history allows those of us who did not vote for Obama to tell the Obama-lovers "We told you so."

Obama's treatment of the Iranian people through his support of Ahmadinejad is embarrassing and down right disgusting.

saggezard said...

A good article on CS Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/0805/p09s01-coop.html

Anonymous said...

Down with Islamist Regime of Iran and death to the regime's lobbyists :) I love you my compatriot.

Maggie said...

When I was in the USA last month, I found that the Obamabots were white women teachers who just do not get it at all. One woman even thought that Geithner was a good economist!!! ROFL - not after he stuffed up on the Japan economy and her recovery during the 1990s.

There were others who did not vote for Obama and they continue to dislike him.

I did find that amongst the grassroots there is a lot of support for the Iranians. However, with such stupid politicians this is not the message that is being received by the world.

I hope that something will happen to see Obama impeached.

Maggie said...

BTW as a member of the rest of the world I am anti-Obama. I cannot stand him and I cannot stand his voice or to even look at him. He is just too furtive.