Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bigger Iran Threat

Threats posed by the Iranian rapists ruling that country, are growing on a daily basis and the Obama administration seems to be clueless, powerless and too busy destroying America to deal with the ever growing threat of the genocidal-rapist regime of Tehran.

The recent missile test is simply a signal to the world and especially to the weakened America led by Hussein Obama that there is nothing in the world that can stop them. Of course, the courageous Iranians who have taken on the regime in the streets of its major cities and towns can do what the rest of the world is unable to do: Weakening the regime. Yet, these brave students and citizens are left to fend off for themselves and are desperately in need of covert, overt and public support for their ultimate goal: Regime Change.

There are tactically two options left to deal with these criminals in Iran: 1- 'Military Action', 2- 'Regime Change' them the Soviet Union style. Of course, I don't bet on neither of those options. Why? Because Obama has proven to be a gutless 'present-voter' President so far. Took him more than 3 months to support his own troops in Afghanistan and I wouldn't think he is interested in helping some pesky Iranians. He is not interested in doing what the so-called 'leader of the free world' ought to do when it comes to 'US National Security' which is odd. The chances of solving the Iranian problem through diplomacy and talks are long gone. Let's hope the end of this story won't be horrific for all of us.

Iranian regime releases the pictures of today's missile test.


Arash said...

Brings whole new levels of meaning to اوباما اوباما، یا با اونا، یا با" ..."ما

Sadly I think that Obama has elected to side with "oona" :(

Thankfully the resilience and fortitude of Iranians cannot be dampened :D


Sohrab said...

We don't need Obama.