Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria debate

Truth is that I am on the fence when it comes to Syria. On one hand, I believe, President Bush should have decimated Assad's regime for its role in Iraq's insurgency from 2003 to 2009. By not attacking Syria's terrorist regime back then, America showed that it is not very serious about taking on real Jihadists. Also, Iran's IED factories should have been bombed during the same period. Those IEDs and EFPs killed and maimed thousands of Iraqis and Americans. And as such, by being unserious, any attack to punish Bashar Assad is meaningless. Especially when a community organizer is running the show.
On the other hand, I believe, America's credibility is on the line. And world order is sacrosanct. No tyrant should get away with murdering its citizens. And yes, I believe that the United States is the world police. In fact, America is the warden of the global mental sanitarium. And that ungodly role requires America to smack down tinpot dictators and Jihadists once in a while.

It is a tough sell. I really want Assad and his minions to be punished. Above all, I don't mind if Iran's regime is punished as well. But will politico-in-chief Hussein Obama be able to do what's right? I highly doubt it. I also don't blame the ignorant majority of members of the US Congress for their refusal to vote "Yes" on Obama's AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force) next week. Why should they vote "Yes" for an Anti-American president's proposal, when the US president himself is unwilling to take responsibility for his deeds. He passed the 'buck' to the congress, so in case of any potential policy failures, he will be able to blame clueless Republicans for his own failures again.

One thing is certain and that is the undeniable fact that Obama's incompetence combined with his real world inexperience finally made the US a 'laughingstock' on the world stage. And I don't think pinprick attacks against Syrian dictator Assad would change that.

I am not being cynical. I am actually being a fair foreign observer of events. This happens when a serious nation elects a clown and commits suicide en masse. The next 40 months of this idiot's presidency will be pure torture.

We shall see!

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