Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama's deal with Iran's regime

What do I think of the deal between Obama and the Iranian regime over the regime's nuclear program? I think it is horrible. I think it is a cop out. An easy way for Obama to shirk responsibility yet again. Who in their right minds could see the day when the President of the United States would be the Iranian Mullahs' primary protector and ally?

So in that sense, I think, Obama has managed to prop up the Iranian regime. And he has de-moralized an army of pro-freedom Iranians who a few years ago took to the streets again hoping to get rid of the Mullahs.

It is a bad deal for the American people, for the Israelis and for the Iranian people. But the question remains: What's it with the US democrats' love for tyrants and mass murderers? Can any one answer that?

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Anonymous said...

Sattari was a pro regime commander. Much likeShahram Rostami was, pardis was, Shahsafi is, Seddighi was, Jalal Zandi one in the regime gets a General or LT gen ranking without being pro clerics.