Monday, May 19, 2014


Recently I have been pondering about the similarities between the Iranian and Russian cultures. And it seems, to me as an Iranian, that the modern Iranian culture has been heavily influenced by the Russian culture. From our food and the way we make our tea to weird superstitions we hold on to, everything seems to be influenced by the Russians.

It makes sense that the immediate European neighbor to Iran in the north has been such an influential in shaping Iran's modern culture.


Maya M said...

It is frightening for me to read this. I would never think Iran would be under Russian cultural influence. Political allies, well, Russia likes all rogue regimes, but cultural... I would never think it possible, because of the language barrier and the religious difference.
And how bad if you are right! With Islam forced on the majority of Iranians long ago, the country is already hindered in its progress, as if having a weight tied to one foot - I hope you won't find this offensive; if you do, comment moderation is on, use it :-). Being under Russian influence (as my people have) is like having a weight tied also to the other foot.

Winston said...

You are absolutely correct.

Maya M said...

BTW, I recently got interested in an Iranian legendary hero and wrote a post about him:

Occams Stubble said...

I had read that Persians were trading with Russia before there was an Iran.

Of course, the silk road from China to Europe ran right through Persia so I doubt Russia is Iran's only cultural influence.

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