Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bowling for Columbine in Iran and Canada.. What's the Difference?

Last sunday night, CBC Canada broadcast Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine. (( Important to notice that the crime rate in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver are increased over the past 9 months and it means that Canadians suffer from the same problems that the Americans do))

That is fine as long as they don't try to pretend they are not a biased liberal media outlet but what struck me was that Mullahs TV also showed the same movie couple of months ago to bash the American society.

I wonder if the approach of anti-US countries such as Canada, which is truly a democratic society, towards the problems of the states should be the same as those of Iran?

It made me laugh that Canadian National TV showed an extreme anti-American movie in order to get its very own message through the viewers. There is no question about the increase in crime both in the US and Canada but my main point here is how Mullahs' TV (Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting) and Canadian TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) have the same views of the Americans.

Shouldn't there be a different view towards the US in 2 totally different societies? Or is it that Liberals/Leftists & Mullahs have something in common?

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