Tuesday, September 27, 2005

List of banned items under the Mullahs' reign

Bananas: because it was called a luxurious fruit

Pink Panther: because Mullahs thought Iranian people didn't deserve having fun

American Movies: Ultimately Forbidden due to the mulla's anti-imperialist agenda

Coffee: Another western symbol

Short sleeve shirts: Un-Islamic

Ties: because it was a Western Symbol

Salmon fish: because it could have been used with Vodka

Tin Tin: ( A Belgian Comic Strip)


Anonymous said...

damn nazis shut up

Anonymous said...

no one even fucking read your shitty blog, just go home and fuck yourself

Winston said...

Well, I guess you read my blog that is why you keep coming back!

Winston said...

btw, i guess there are better things for you to do in Calgary!

CruiserDeep said...

Hmm freedom of expression, yes one should have it. I just was thinking about the ladies in Saudi- they dont have the freedom to even move around!.

I just read a book by one who escaped from there(none other than Osama's Sister in Law, Carmen- in her book "Inside the Kingdom"). http://cruiserdeep.blogspot.com/2005/09/hi-all-i-just-read-book-by-osama-bin.html .

I agree to most of what carmen says, but as a person who has been to Saudi on my business trips I have a slightly less shocking picture of what has been said.

When its your culture(And u r not aware of other cultures or any new learnings, generally no inputs from the world's whichs are censored- for most of Saudians this is the case, especially ladies) you don't really feel pathetic living in it(ignorance is bliss).

And a foreigner feeling aghast by experiencing this alien culture, and trying to prescribe his or her culture to Saudians, is not very proper. Similar is the case of sub-cultures like where Khusboo drew flak from, who are we to prescribe behaviour codes for them.

The realisation always is best coming from within, not by provocation but by induction.


Anonymous said...

Wearing the tie for men was banned because the mollas thought it looked like a cross and therefore was a conspiracy by the West to make moslem men walk around with a cross hanging around their necks!!! That's the truth.

Another revealing item about the nature of these turban-head vermins: The word eventually leaked out of the torture chambers of the mollas' regime that women and girls were being systematically raped before being hanged in the prison yard. The mollas response: As virgin girls would be going to heaven - remember the martyred islamic men would be lined up looking for their 72 virgins! No one asks what happens after the 72nd night??? - the 'criminal' girls - by mollas standards of course, which therefore means the truly precious gems of Iran - must be raped to make sure they don't end up in heaven and sully those 'holy' rooms reserved for the mollas' martyrs.

Another thing about forcing men to grow beards and generally look scruffy and haggard and unclean, is that before the revolution these unclean men who were mostly of the religious and also lower and uneducated classes (perfect combination for the mollas) were pretty much shunned and disdained by society. This lack of respect or attention created an inferiority complex and a huge chip on their shoulders. This complex of the mad dogs are what Iranians are dealing with today.

Winston said...

good analysis Annon.. Thanks!