Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Americans in Iran! (Some Great Videos from June 2004)

Astronomy Without Borders

Many in America believe that traveling to the Iran would be a very dangerous and foolish thing. What would you believe would happen to a group of (mainly) American Astronomers if they were to travel to Iran? How would the Iranian people treat them? Would they be safe?

This short video segment highlights the odd situation where the government of a country is openly hostile towards America while at the same time the people are incredibly welcoming and appreciative of their presence.

You may view a "stream" of the sample video here

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I know that some people visiting this page only have Dial-Up and for this reason I have created the download in several different quality format and even split into several files so you can download the video in pieces.

Single File 7Mb

Part 1 2Mb - What Iranians think about how America views Iran

Part 2 2MB - Scenes around Iran plus the Venus Transit viewing at the Tomb of Cyrus the Great (Pasagard)

Part 3 1MB - Scenes from the Venus Transit Conference at Sharif University in Tehran.

Part 4 3MB - General Random Scenes from all the places we visited.

More Information

This video is just a short sequence of interviews with Iranians and other video clips picked from among the more than 23 hours of video captured while Liam Kennedy was on this 18 day tour of Iran. The venus transit tour brought the American Astronomers into contact with many Iranians all around the country from all walks of life.

This video will be produced into a documentary for airing on national PBS or other TV channels.

For more information contact Liam Kennedy 949 387 4862

Highly recommended

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