Saturday, October 8, 2005

Iran's Justice Minister Spokesman: Canada has a dark record of Human Rights

According to Gooya News, Iranian regime justice minister spokesperson has said that Canada, itself, has a dark record of human rights.

Canada has submit a resolution to the UN Human Rights Commission in order to condemn the Iranian government's poor human rights record.

This is the transcript of what the Mullahs say about Canada's human rights [This is pretty funny]:

Jamal Karimi Rad said in a press conference, we (Mullahs) warn the western governments not to behave like this since it will make them look grim in the history.

He added that this is nothing new as the global imperialism has been trying hard to make us look bad since the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and one of the areas they have been attacking us is the field of Human Rights.

He said that Islamic Republic was created to preserve the value of mankind.

" Western governments such as The US and Canada have been doing this in the past two years and this is nothing new by the anti human rights countries like them."

Spokesman of the justice ministry said that Iranian government has been very active in defense of all human beings around the world [ I wonder where they have been defending people?]

He also added that countries like Canada has a dark and poor record of human rights and these countries can't talk of human rights issues in Iran though. "The western countries are criticizing us due to their failure in defeating us in Nuclear talks", he said.


Anonymous said...

LoL. He must be a comedian!

Anonymous said...

well... comedians are in charge in Iran

Adrian said...

I suppose this is what they talk about :

Same story, explained slight differently here :

Interresting how same story can sound so different, depending on who tells the story.