Thursday, October 6, 2005

Students, Students... We Support You & The Photo!

This picture was taken this morning in Tehran amid the Police Exercise.

The banner behind these fake people reads: Students, Students, We Support You!

So it looks like Iranian police have been predicting a major unrest by the Students and their supporters all over the country!

There is no other reason to put up such a banner and then try to get ready in an exercise like this other than being sure that the next unrest will be near and the students, again, will be the backbone of such thing.

It looks scary at first but when I pay more attention it tells me a hidden story and that is the weakness of a dictatorship which tries to look strong before the eyes of its own people.

It is definitely a message to the people of Iran in the middle of a big international crisis the Mullahs are facing these days.

The regime wants to feel safe at home while fighting the outside world pressure on its suspicious nuke programs. That is the message of such fishy exercises. The regime wants to tell us it's ready to deal with any unexpected riot or protest.

But I wish the free people of the world and governments of the civilized world could put up a strong support for the Iranian students, workers and teachers to begin a massive unrest resulting in death of the Mullahs' regime since I believe that any change should be from within.

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Anonymous said...

good call but nothing is gonna happen there any time soon