Monday, October 31, 2005

Iran's regime has held talks with the US?!

According to Persian language paper Rooz Online two high level teams of Iranian diplomats are now holding talks with British and Americans in Switzerland & Sweden.

The team which is holding talks with British is led by "Javad Vaidi" who is also the head of the "Nuclear Case" in Iran's national security council and the second negotiating team is led by unknown individuals selected by Ali Larijani (Head of Iran's national security council).

British diplomats seem to hold talks with Iranians in Switzerland and Americans are being talked with in Stockholm, Sweden.

Javad Vaidi is a former intel officer and colleague of Saiid Emami who died in custody in 1998 and is known as the murderer of the Iranian intellectuals in that decade.

The American team seems to be led by "State Dept Afghanistan & Iran Desk Chief" and the rumors inside the Iranian community is loud and clear since Condi Rice didn't rule out the possiblity of having direct talks with the Iranian government over the nuclear issues through very special channels.

The report says that these two so-called secret talks are being held to reduce the tensions between the above countries and the regime is now getting worried about what is happening to their brothers in Syria, and that has forced the hardliners to resume some sort of minimal talks with the Americans and British governments to reduce the tensions.


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Anonymous said...
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realitygaps said...

Typical European outlook, how long will it be before Iran has the bomb, six months perhaps?