Monday, October 31, 2005

Me, Nirvana and Dinner

I am watching TV (also eating dinner) and MTV has something on Nirvana right now. I have always been wondering who could possibly listen to these noisy guys who do nothing but shouting and playing electric guitar like "high as a kite" people.

hmmm! I admit, I never liked their music and I found them, most of the times, suitable for people with deep mental issues (except the Islamic terrorists who never listen to music, otherwise they wouldn't become terrorists in the first place)!

Any how, given the current situation I am in, it is like that I need "Nirvana" now. LoL!

That is funny! I'll start with Come As You Are

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Talamasca said...

Talamasca of BE here...

Hey I listen to Nirvana... And I mourned when the vocalist died... :-(

Deep mental issues huh? LOL...