Friday, November 4, 2005

Canada & Immigration Policies

We're hearing about that Canada is about to take in 300'000 new immigrants and recently according to the official sources the liberal government of Canada has approved a plan to take in more and more immigrants while there are a widespread anger among most immigrants about the lies they were told to at the time of filling all the application forms to start the Immigration process.

Most of the newcomer people I talked to are totally unhappy with the current situation and most of them are highly educated people who came over here to live in better conditions.

High unemployment in big cities like Vancouver & Toronto, safety issues, high expenses of living in urban areas in Canada and many many more terrible issues affecting the lives of the newcomers.

Every family (i.e from Iran, India, South Korea or eastern European countries) might bring in at least US$ 300'000 to start a basic life in the new country but this huge amount of money might be spent in days or weeks since these people need to buy/rent homes, buy 2 different vehicles, send their kids to school and provide them with clothing and other stuff... etc, therefore they will end up with $ 0 afterwards and then they need to start looking for jobs they are not trained for or have no interest in like working in grocery stores, clothing stores, driving Cabs... etc

Let's read this paragraph, taken from the San Diego Tribune newspaper:

Canada is often criticized for attracting highly educated immigrants, who then complain that their professional credentials are not accepted. Many foreign doctors and engineers end up working as taxi drivers and waiters. Statistics Canada has found that recent immigrants earn less than their Canadian-born counterparts, despite higher levels of education.

So why does the Canadian government keep taking more and more immigrants?!

Might we say that the reason is that Canada needs their money, not their skills and education?!


Ayn said...

More like, the Liberals need their votes.

Anonymous said...

you never die in a cab in Toronto!
The driver is a doctor