Saturday, November 5, 2005

An Old One But A Good One

Via TV and the net, Iran's youth plot social revolution

By Tim Judah
Sunday August 25, 2002

The Observer

Although this is an old article but it is still valid and true in many parts. I remember that "Tim Judah" and "Seamus Murphy" came to Iran in summer of 2002 and made some reports on how the Iranian society was performing.

There are a list of articles these two prepared while staying in Iran

The men in black spark a double conspiracy theory

Hardliners in Iran want to down US jets

Kurdish guerrillas poised to fire first shots in war on Iraq

And they also made a very good report for NY Times which I am unable to find it now but it was very well done.


arash said...
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Adrian said...

I really loved the article "Men in black" :-)