Sunday, November 6, 2005

How is this true!?

Okay this is my own quote:

Art is a form of criticism and criticism is leftism!

How is that?!

Actually I figured this after a long debate with a friend of mine who lives in Washington D.C and this friend is a liberal, unfortunately!


Anonymous said...
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Shahram said...


I thought I am a left-leaning, mildly qualified, liberal, and yet I get trashed by the liberals as well.

I think we are all in many respects swinging across a spectrum. I remember many years ago in 1999, when President Clinton intervened pro-actively in Bosnia and Kosovo my liberal friends went on demonstrations for "Peace" against American imperialism.

Now, President Clinton is an angel in their eyes, and Bush interventionism is called American Imperialism!

The left is sufferring, more than the right does, from lack of cohesion and consistency in understanding what it is against. In fact, the left has so for been about "being against", but "against exactly what" no one exactly knows what!.

In that regard, the left is a form of Art indeed, as colourful and inconsistent as any post-modern form of art is. For the rest, it is criticism, more or less of anything that sounds or smells "conservative" regardless of the direction, purpose, and/or possible human value of that so-called "conservative" thing.

Hence, the left and the right are against each other on a common ground. The right is against "evil" and the left is against the conservatism that deems as thoroughly and aggregately evil.

By the way, if I were you, I would not have allowed anonymous comments. If some one wants to be fee why they do not want to be transparent about who they are and take some responsibility about their comments?


Winston said...

this annon writer from Holland (Wageningen University And Research Centre) seems to be tired of his/her dull way of life in Europe and I wonder why Eurowhinnies let these idiots study at the Universities LMAO!... having said that I thank you Shahram for your great comments. Always enjoy your comments!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Shahram -

Maybe you need to take a closer look at these people "trashing" you. They aren't just "liberals". They're hard Left and Communists.
And those were the people protesting against Clinton, too.

The gaps & gradations between those on the Left are many more than those on the Right, hence there's more cohesiveness between those on the Right. It's also why the Left has had trouble coming up with any plans or solutions or even any direction.
Those on the Right may quibble over specific issues, but they maintain a focus toward their goals, unlike the Left whom, as you said, are "about being against" whatever.

I'm afraid I remain anonymous, but you may call me Frank, if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Because, people in Holland are openminded, not like you peole in USA & Canada.
The students here are very happy with your "kronkel", "ongenoegen" & "zieligheid" (look it up :D)... just lovely... please continue...

Shahram said...


Please do not bundle Canada with the US, we are not the same and our political cultures are not remotely similar either.

Your point on the diversity of the left is correct and is well-taken.

As to transparency, I respect your choice, as well as Winston's.

Canada remains transparent, at a point that it is not as guilty as the Dutch state that intends to meet its goal of kicking out hundreds or even thousands of refugees (the so-calle illegal immigrants!) per year.

Canada remains tolerant where in the Netherlands a gay, and ironically enough "a racist", member of the Parliament gets assassinated by, again ironically enough, a radical environmentalist.

And Canada remains tolerant when it abolishes all religious tribunals to confront religious fanatics, when in the Netherlands a film-maker gets assassinated by a Dutch Muslim.

To be fair to you, and us, relative to my Canuck-Iranic background, there is one Dutch-Iranian member of Parliament. But I bet it has been more her resolve to get elected to the Parliament to confront Dutch racism more than anything else.

Amir said...

Art is not criticism.
But criticism is leftism.
But as such the value of criticism and leftism are neutral. That is a debate in a KKK meeting would also be between the authority and the critic of the authority. The critic is the left. And left, by definition, once in power, becomes right and seizes to be the critic. It is in that sense that Clinton can only be espoused by the left liberals, once he is not in power. It must also be noted that someone who is ALWAYS left, or always critical, in a way choses not to assume authority, and as such evades responsibility of trying to be "right." This structure also moves around and is not stable. In that sense it is useless to try to force a lefty to be "consequent" about his or her positions afterward. But it is equally suspicous when someone is always on the "right."

Anonymous said...

you see Shahram, we can be shahram or winston or nobody, what does it matter? The transparancy is not the point and definitely not for a weblog writer. What do you think that weblog is other than exhibitionism? Some people like to reveal everything and some not.
Shahram, please don't read only the titles of articles, if you want to talk about international politiek. Fortuyn was no racist, he was just a populist, the film maker although was more kind of a racist... The illegals (you are talking about) are gold diggers (maybe you know some of them:D) who steal the free space mentioned for political refugees... Yes, be happy with the slavery life you lead in Canada and go out always with your Iranian friends within your Iranian community and close your eyes for the dislike of real Canadians (does they exist? or all of you are living on the bloody ground of Indians?!!?)... Sarzaminhaye ghasbi, o lala... we can go on & on.
We did put a mirror in front of winston comments, but he was so afraid of his own image that he broke it at once... demonstration of a shatterd illusion, that was all.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the bet about Farah Karimi is (after shora) accepted , we'll send you her e-mail and you can ask herself about her motives. Mardeshi ya ke na? :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Shahram - So there's no seem to have addressed 2 anonymous replies in one...I'm Frank anonymous, not the Dutch anonymous. He's got his own issues.
I would NEVER 'bundle' Canada and the U.S..

Amir said...

It is strange that annonymous gets responces and I don't. This seems to be a very incestuous blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amir - here's a reply for you.

You are wrong. Art is criticism. Look up the definition of criticism. The artist first criticizes his subject and then puts his talents to use to express that criticism.

Feel better?

Adrian said...

Modern art is often used to express critisism, but it is a new phenomenon I'd say.

Look at all the older art that mostly was a tribute to the established society.

I'd rather slam my ballsack in a deskdrawer than calling the obscure left for artists.

When that is said, I also think that right-side can be critics, but it is only opposition that critises, thus no critics from right for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Adrian - you know very little about art.

"Modern art is often used to express critisism, but it is a new phenomenon I'd say."

Take some classes and you'll find out that artists have been expressing their opinions in their works since the earliest times, even if you don't see it.

p.s. in the future, try to leave your scrotum out of the discussion.

thank you

Amir said...

Anony. dear, where should I look for a definition of "criticism" please?

I mean, I was thinking of the etymology of the word from the Greek that is something like "judgment" and is connected to separation as in "scissors," then I was thinking about the tradition of German art criticism from Lessing to the Storm-and-stressers and the Romantics, to the philosophies of Schleiermacher and Hegel and all the way to Heidegger's essay on the "Origin of Work of Art," but I still don't know what you mean by "Art is Leftism," dear Anon. Please give me footnotes where I can do some research and be enlightened by your blogness... Merci.