Thursday, November 24, 2005

Iraq will become another Vietnam

Iraq is not another Vietnam as Liberals and Leftists claim and hasn't become one yet, but it will become another Vietnam if the US troops leave the place as these leftists want.

Don't they ever think about the consequences that the troops pull out may bring upon the people of Iraq?

May be they do know the possible consequences but they are doing this on purpose.

And one would wonder how they can claim that Liberals and Peace Protestors are for peace!?

It is just shocking and very sad!


Chas Ravndal said...

Well, I have no idea about politics in the US but hopefully it will not be another Vietnam with so many lives going to be sacrifice more.

Anonymous said...

you like Michael leeden and Jerome Corsi, hmmmmm.

And you dislike CNN!! Too liberal for you!!!!

Which chapter of KKK do you belong to?

Not much difference between you right wing jerks and mullahs.