Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Iranian community and the upcoming federal elections

There is no doubt that Canada has become a broken country in many fields due to the 13 long years of Liberals' governance!

Now what do Iranian-Canadians want in this upcoming federal elections? What can they do to secure the victory of a conservative government?

Last thursday an Iranian-Canadian shot dead at his Auto Dealership in the city of Toronto!

I was hearing that most Iranians who were questioned by local papers have responded that those will get our [Iranians'] votes that care about us and our safety in the society. And most of them said that the party that promises tougher laws on crimes will be eligible to get their votes in the next Federal elections.

Canada's Conservatives have already said they will be very tough on the crimes committed by known criminals.

"A key priority of a Conservative government will be to immediately re-invest in law enforcement and get more police officers onto the streets, " said Harper, who is in the middle of an election campaign culminating in a federal vote on January 23.

It is very good to let the Iranian community know that the Conservative party of Canada can take care of their concerns and address their major issues in a better way. That is why I'd expect the Iranian-Canadians to vote for the Conservative party of Canada.

I really hope that if the Conservatives win the election, they'd deliver their initial promises and create an atmosphere of trust between the citizens (especially newcomers) and the Federal government.

With respect to foreign policy and dealing with rouge regimes like the Iranian regime, many of Iranians in Canada expect a tougher stance by the Federal government against the Clerical government of Tehran.

Liberals have failed to hold the Iran's government responsible and kept negotiating with them and praising the evil clerical regime, mostly due to the economic relations between the two countries (Read two governments).

Two years after the death of Iranian-Canadian journalist Kazemi in Tehran's Evin prison, the liberals have done very little to hold the murderous regime of Iran accountable for the crime they committed!

The pro-west Iranian people inside and outside of the country need to be heard and a Conservative government in Canada will help us in our fight for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Let's hope for change in both Iran & Canada!

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Anonymous said...

"a Conservative government in Canada will help us in our fight for freedom and democracy in Iran."

The liberals have NEVER been there for the people of Iran seeking freedom. Neither have they been there for the people of N. Korea. Or the people of S. Vietnam.
The protest marches for the oppressed living under dictatorships and tyrannical regimes are predominatly attended by conservatives. They are the people who really cherish and appreciate and will fight for their freedom and the democractic society in which they live. And therefore will fight for the same for others.

It once again demonstrates the hypocricy of the liberal Left.

Something for Iranians and other oppresssed peoples in the world to remember.....

If a country's people are looking for freedomn and democracy, DON'T look to the liberals for help.