Thursday, December 8, 2005

Iran's C-130 Crash & The Sanctions

It is very sad to see another airplane crash and it is indeed surprising to see that the passengers aboard the IRIAF C-130H were just reporters and photographers who were going to cover the Iranian Army exercises in south of the country.

The simple thing that can be written about the above incident is that the Mullahcracy of Tehran has had no respect for the human life since it seized power in Islamic Revolution of 1979!

But I'd like to add a little bit more to this!

Every time a tragedy like this happens in Iran, the regime claims that it is due to US Sanctions imposed on the nation since 1979 (However they never mention the main reason behind such sanctions) but I'd like to ask them some very simple questions:

How is it possible that you (mullahs) can buy all sorts of banned stuff for your own nuclear programs (Read WMD programs) through heavily supervised black markets of Asia and Europe but you can not buy simple spare parts for your aging fleet of airplanes? Is it not because of your disregard for the Iranian people's lives?

I am just shocked to learn more about the depth of stupidity of the clerical regime!

This regime should go away before more people die in other tragedies! Although I would not be surprised to hear about Chernobyl like incidents from now on!


Anonymous said...

Instead of spending billions on their hidden nukes program, they could be spending money on infrastructure (roads, schools, etc) and improving transporation.

It's a terrible shame.

And so is the silence the media has given this story about the deaths of so many of their colleagues.

Adrian said...

I've been thinking exactly the same as Winston.
If it is possible to have a nuclear program, it is also possible to fix som simple spareparts.

The issue is that human lives are nothing worth in the mullahs minds, but just a simple resouce to be used how they want.