Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It pisses me and many other Iranians and Americans whom I know off, when President Bush speaks about Iran but he forgets/denies to mention the Human Rights and Democracy issues in that country as well.

The Iran's Mullahs know that this nuke talks won't endanger their so-called holy reign and they know better than any one else that these stupid talks can continue until the end of this world and nothing happens to them and their establishment for sure.

I have always said that Nuclear talks between Iran and EU3 will not take us any where and the bright example of such case is North Korea!

I'd say that Mullahs of Iran dream of having an Iranian version of North Korea though, and unfortunately these so-called allies of the USA in Europe (UK, France & Germany) are also helping their dream come true.

The only way to weaken the Iranian government is not to continue the useless nuclear talks but is to attack on its achilles heel which is the Human Rights and lack of Freedom of Speech!

President Bush and other foreign heads of states (Well if they care) should not forget why they are dealing with a mad regime in Iran. There is a mad regime in Tehran because there is no freedom and transparency! If the Iranians had freedom to choose their type of government, the world community wouldn't be dealing with this cancer like issue today!

President Bush as the only head of state who has supported the plight of the Iranian people to be free, must also talk about the freedom of the very same people constantly and strongly!

I know he has his own issues today both at home and abroad but the key to peace and stability in the mideast is a free and democratic Iran!

I wonder if he can hear me!


OTTMANN said...

Good post. I think that the Iran regime is making some huge mistakes with their new president. The Mullah's are behind his cause for them to have nukes, against the wishes of the world.

I'm affraid that the world's destiny has been set, and it is now only a matter of time before Iran attempts to destroy Israel because it is most likely they already do have their nukes!

Iran's president is attempting to gin up support from the Iranian people in order to launch armegeddon against Israel because he knows that Israel will attack Iran (first?) and that Russia and Syria will then attack Israel.

I pray that president Bush can do something about it, but talk won't cut it.

M A F said...

Bush is in no position to attack Iran based upon human rights issues.

The most obvious example are Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Another example is that of Haiti.

I find your comments about Iran attacking Israel rather than waiting to be attacked most interesting. Surely if Iran were to attack Israel predicated upon the Bush doctrine of pre-emmtion would they not be justified? After all, Sharon has threatened Iran on more than one occassion.

F14 Pilot said...

mcdonalds, Winston doesnt want an attack on his home country but he wants to see the Mullahs removed but the only language mullahs get is the language of force

matty said...

winston, i think you make an excellent point about the achilles heel of free speech and human rights. as i've mentioned, i think that right now the american government's global reputation is radioactive (please pardon the pun).

people can argue over the degree that's due to us policy, to general anti-americanism, antisemitism, or that "they hate us for our freedoms."

the specific reason for these attidues doesn't really matter in my opinion, because regardless of the reasons why, the us government is shockingly unpopular. we've even alienated canada. its been said lately that ever world leader of now runs his first race against his opponent, and his second against bush. its better to ignore your opponent and rail against america even in free democratic countries, including some of our strongest allies.

and in countries where the government / dictator need not worry about anything resembling elections, i'm concerned that any broad and visible public outreach on behalf of our government, and especially threatening force, is more likely to provide an opportunity for an unpopular government to focus attention and hatred at the us government than to help dissidents in their struggle

but in much of the world people readily distinguish between americans and our government. i have rarely been treated with such kindness and hospitality as when i spent a few weeks in morocco last year. and i think that despite the international animus toward our government, technology is chipping away at the ability of repressive governments to isolate their people.

the more public support grows (and not just in america) for those suffering under oppressive regimes, and the more contacts that can be established, the weaker the means of domination of the state. there is more opportunity now than ever to expose the lies of dictators, to let people know their cause has support, and to erode these regimes from within.

right now the us doesn't have enough troops for the wars we're fighting. even if we did, any wars we fight now we will likely fight alone or close to it. and in doing so, or even threatening to do so, i think we risk giving these regimes the tools to rally their country against a hated foreign government. and history suggests the most succesful and popular regimes are those from within.

i don't think that means that we should ignore the problem. exactly the opposite. any engagement between peoples builds bridges. we may hate their government, and they may hate ours, but our governments are not us.

M A F said...
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M A F said...

F16pilot aka Dr Zin,

Wilson comes off like a U.S. citizen feigning to be Iranian. That said, my comments regarding pre-emption were directed to the ethreal "ottoman." I'll make sure to be more specific next time to avoid others confusion.

Well F16pilot, excuse me, Dr Zin, your comments, however intentionally misleading and deceptive are not applicable. I checked out your blog. Gee what a suprise! You have all the right Republican links..let me guess, you an an Iranian ex-pat leading the opposition forces (The National Council of Resistance of Iran) here in the US.

So, do you recieve the Chalabi stipend for being the blogging leader/member of an Iranian ex-pat opposition group The National Council of Resistance of Iran? (Chalibi got rich that way. Although he didn't fair to well in the recent Iraqi elections. You may do better in Iran.)

Anonymous said...

McDonalds - Lol. His moniker is F14 not F16 and if you look at DrZin's blog, he has several people who contribute to it.
They are not one in the same.
And RegimeChangeIran has exposed NCRI/MEK in the past for the terrorist group they are.
Your assessments & assumptions are all wrong.
Go back to the farm.

Khashayar said...
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marjan said...

burger king or mcdonalds, I'd guess you work for the regime. Don't you?

M A F said...
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Winston said...

mcdonalds or whatever you are, this is a pro-Bush, Pro-America, pro-republican weblog.
your comments aren't welcome mister.

M A F said...

Yeah, just like I figured, it explains why you deleted the profile info. So, as an employee of the RNC how much do you get paid to host a blog espousing Republican propaganda? What is your monthly stipend? You get paid more than Dr Zin or marjan?

I love the irony and you swite provides it. Here you want to talk about "Democracy issues" like freedom of speech in Iran while you are quick to silence the views of others because you don't agree with them. You have more in common with the mullah of Iran (who delete dissenting opinions) than you even imagine.

Good luck with your group think project. I just might have to do a write up about your propaganda blog.

Winston said...


do what you wish!