Sunday, December 18, 2005

It is clear that majority of Iranians living in and outside of the country do not support the entire clerical establishment of Iran and do not support the stupid remarks made by Mr. Ahmadinejad regarding the Holocaust and the state of Israel.

I have always thought of my Jewish friends in Tehran (Shayan & Ryan) and on top of that I have been thinking of the peaceful co-existence between Jews, Muslims and Christians and even Baha'is in Iran!

Ordinary people don't care if their neighbor is a Jew or a Baha'i and the people I know back in Iran do not, I repeat do not support any thing that this illegitimate regime says regarding Israel and the US.

All I understand is that Mullahs seek to have an enemy to scare people with and prolong their reign over the poor Iranian people.


M A F said...

The Mullahs have their enemies as does every government. Israel had Iraq, and now the their big enemy is Iran. The US has far to many to keep keep trck of.

I found Ahmadinejad's comments on the holocaust to be foolhearty and meritless. Of course, the timing of the statement should be worthy of some consideration should it not. Afterall, in the week prior to Ahmadinejad's remarks Israel/Sharon announced that it was going to bomb Iran in March of 2006 and there wasn't any outrage from the international community.

Deny the holocaust and the international commmmunity falls on Ahmadinejad like a load of bricks.

Anonymous said...

mcdonals, are you stupid or a liberal?