Friday, January 20, 2006

I want this sort of sanctions

Before I go to bed due to tireness, I want to post a piece from the NY Times which is talking about the new type of sanctions aimed at the leadership of the Iranian regime.

U.S. Aims to Avoid Angering Iran's Public is the title of this article.

Probably this article is going to be accessible to subscribers shortly, therefore I will try to find a link to it some where else soon.

[UPDATED at 11:00 am friday Jan 20th,05: If you have trouble accessing the NYT link, you can try this link from Iran Va Jahan

But I have to admit, I like the way it sounds. If the US can target the corrupt Mullahs and their cronies in and out of the country, it will make Iranian people believe that the US is on their side for real.

I really liked this sentence of the article: "A heavy-handed sanctions approach is going to hurt an awful lot of Iranians that we don't want to alienate," said a State Department official who is working on the issue. "We're going to have to be more surgical."

So I guess I have good news for friends back at home. They were very worried about the possible all out sanctions on Iran and this may be a good news which they also agree with.

....sanctions should be imposed in a way that did not replicate what happened in Iraq in the 1990's, when a ban on oil exports caused huge suffering among Iraqis but also led to profits among Saddam Hussein and his clique as they evaded the sanctions through the black market.

And this one is even better and shows that the Bush administration is way smarter than the Clinton's administration official said a ban on World Cup participation was not being considered. Indeed, administration officials have maintained that permitting Iranian athletes or musicians to travel to the West should be encouraged, to help open Iran to outside influences, encourage defections and lead eventually to internal demands for change.

It looks things are moving little by little and it is great.

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