Saturday, January 28, 2006


I am reading all over the Persian language blogs that Tehran transit drivers are on a strike and this is the second strike of this type by the Tehran Bus company workers in the past few weeks!

You can read more on the events here.

When will we get the support we asked for? When will President Bush back up the Iranian students and workers like the way President Reagan did in Poland through out the 1980s? I am only asking for a timetable.

The last thin line of hope to change Iran from within is wearing thin and yet the US government, mainly President of the United States has offered no clear policy with respect to Iran in the past 6 years.

I could tell it is, perhaps partly, due to the failure of the broken and ancient Iranian opposition!

Who knows?

My point is not this one though. Although I am working on an idea of an exile government or a council consisting of those men and women that Iranians inside and outside of the country approve overwhelmingly.

But let me be clear, it is a suitable moment to start backing up the Iranians in their quest for greater freedoms, democracy and a secular government.

Iran may not be in a pre-revolutionary mode now but all we dream about today, can come true if those working towards a real democracy feels a strong push. In societies like Iran, students are unable to overthrow the government as they have their own limits but any workers' protest supported by the teachers and students may result in those changes every one expects.

I am not also implying that these poor workers in Tehran today are asking for FREEDOM or DEMOCRACY and I am aware that their simple request today is to have a right to live better, secure the freedom of their imprisoned colleagues, be able to feed their kids and work as human beings but it is also true that political goals that we all have in common which is to get rid of the Islamic regime, can be achieved through these sort of protests as well.

I remember the Solidarity movement of the Polish workers in 1980s, whenever I hear about the workers' protest in Iran.

Time is running fast, world patience wearing thin and people are being tortured on a daily basis in Iran under the rule of Clerics.

All I am concerned about right now is the lack of support for those who want to fight for their rights inside of Iran. I am concerned with the fact that our chances to retake our country back from the primitive mullahs is running out.

When will these peaceful fighters get their much needed support?



Anonymous said...

hi whay it is english?? i cant read
i don t know how can take a mesage here either.. i am marjan with

Winston said...

Since my intention is to inform the outside world, i chose the english language as my blog language

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

خيلي خوب شما فارسي هم بلدين؟:))مي دونين چيه من كامپيوتر رو خاموش كرده بودم كه يه هو يادم اومد اون پيغام اشتباهي شده. معذرت. بايد برم درس بخونم چون فردا 2 تا امتحان دارم/marjan

آهو said...

Dear Winston,
Yes, you are right time is running out. This regime is destroying Iran at the fastest pace possible! This is something I always think about ; Hezbollah is destroying Iran in every aspect.
_ Thanks for your support. If I need any help I let you know.