Sunday, January 29, 2006

That's our hero shot

Watching The Truman Show for more than 10 times, and still enjoying this good movie, is the cause of this post.

It is about how we, human beings, are being played into the hands of the mainstream media.

It is about how the media and corporations have begun to surround us with a universe of illusions. From their high-tech control centers, they increasingly script and stage-manage events and feed us with their interpretations and stories!

Actually they cheat on us. Plain & Simple...

But having said that, the movie is mostly about fighting for freedom and wanting to explore the real world and not wanting to live by someone else's plans for you.

It is like that I can feel the pain Truman suffers from but it is probably the hardest thing to talk about. It is exactly like feeling a pain and being unable to describe that.

This movie reminds me of the situation in a country like Iran ruled by the totalitarian clerics.

That's why I may be able to understand Truman's feelings too.

A friend of mine once said that it has some similarity to "Winston" and his situation!

Any ways, talking about the rule of media in our world, I believe I am still okay with the age of paper and I start believing in the power of the mighty internet. But frankly, I never liked the news broadcast by Television Channels, especially the mullahs' ones, however except for few incidents such as 9/11 and invasion of Iraq in 2003 which changed our lives I had to rely on TV to get my news.

Any how, In case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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