Monday, January 30, 2006

The LA Based TVs & Mullahs' TV

I will be writing more on the issue of the opposition groups out of Iran in the future and I may have to allocate each piece to each group from now on but for the sake of fun, but a few hours ago I saw this IRIB made show and now I am also using it to prove my previous points.

This half an hour long show is a mockery of the LA based TV pieces and shows which was broadcasted on the Iranian regime run TV channel three on Sunday.

The stations in LA seem to attract low intelligence people and aren't really doing much to help with freedom we seek.

Most LA based TV stations make the job of bashing the true opposition groups easier for the clerical regime of Iran and it is very unfortunate because LA based people do represent a very small portion of those Iranians opposing the clerical regime.

I keep on writing more on the regime opposition!

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