Friday, January 6, 2006

Where are they going with these remarks?

The Islamic regime of Tehran has always been threatening the world community since 1979 and has always acted like crazy by supporting every single terrorist network all around the world. This is what every one knows about the nature of the Iranian government that they are supporting terrorism, spreading hatred, suppressing their own people at home and they do not abide by any International law.

But this new round of hateful remarks and other stupid comments make me think that some thing serious is going on inside of Iran.

Between 1989 until 2005 (Right after the death of Khomeini to the end of Khatami's gov't) the Islamic establishment was more cautious with these sorts of remarks and they always used the "Enemy Building" tactics for domestic purposes which also helped them prolong their corrupt reign until now.

What will they gain by saying these stuff?

The Mullahs have always needed a foreign enemy to scare the Iranian people, be it Israel or the USA and western countries, so that they can keep up the job of destroying Iran as much as they can and control the dissidents' voices.

But like I have always said, this time is different. This new selected president of Iran means what he says because he believes in a dangerous Islamic cult believing in their Imam Mahdi.

This cult advocates the return of the shiites' messiah who has been hidden since 1000 years ago ( I wonder if he is alive or not...) and the shiite mullahs believe that they need to prepare the ground for his return so they can fight the corrupt western civilization along with him.

Actually they are inviting the whole world for a bloody fight. That is what they desperately want and I have no clue how long the world community can stay patient with them. But I guess the clerics in Tehran think that the war with the west would help them prepare the grounds for the return of their hidden hero. They definitely count on a false united front of ordinary Iranians in the wake of a conflict with the US or Israelis.

In my opinion, the clerical regime's time is really up but also the chances for a peaceful regime change in Iran are becoming thinner!

I'd like to write more, in the next few days, on the available options left for the democracy movement to stop the destruction of Iran and eventually the infrastructures of the country.

It is not a time to stop and watch! This is a serious business and lives of milions are at stake.


M A F said...

Yeah, Iran needs enemies just like the US needs a list of enemies. Was it Iranian government that speaks of fighting the Axis of evil?

Damn, for an Iranian, I'd think that you'd have a better understanding of Iranian opposition to the US and Israel.

Boy, you really slather on the US jingoism.

PR said...

the clerics in Iran are about to go to war with the rest of the civilised world

Solomon2 said...

Nuke Iran? Lebanon? Syria?

Farid Pouya said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Not quite yet. They're not quite ready yet.

M A F said...
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Richards said...

may be you deserved that by being an idiot yourself, McDonalds

M A F said...
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Winston said...

Mcdonalds or burger king, Let me tell you that your stupid comments arent welcome here so I am going to remove your childish comments here.

M A F said...
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M A F said...
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